Who Is Hypnotized?

May 10, 2018

Several years ago a gentleman friend and neighbor came to my office to have a sizeable lipoma excised. The surgery was to be done in the office under local anesthesia. Our nurse had everything I would require set up on a sterile tray in the room where the surgery was to be done. When my friend arrived I greeted him and we walked to the operating room together. While on the way he brought up a subject we both had an intense interest in and we got into a very emotional and heated discussion and basically never stopped talking and interacting as we walked into the operating room and I had him lie down on the operating table.

As I prepared for surgery, by donning sterile gloves and getting the various instruments ready, we never stopped talking. When I was done prepping his skin with disinfectants I turned, picked up the knife and made an incision about two inches long. He and I kept up the intense dialog as I began to dissect his lipoma. Then I noticed my nurse was acting rather strange as she was waving her arms and pointing at the instrument tray.

I had no idea what she was reacting to and I didn’t want to frighten the patient so I nodded my head as if to ask her what she was trying to tell me. She then pointed at the instrument tray to get me to see and realize I had not picked up or used the syringe which contained the injectable local anesthetic. I then stopped the conversation with my friend about other issues and asked him, “How are you doing? Any pain or problem?” He said, “No, I’m fine. No pain.”

An abstract painting of a ball made up of red lines and black dots.

“Persephones Bite” by Judith Cooper

I went ahead and finished the surgery and when he was all stitched up I told him he was an excellent subject for hypnosis. I explained to him how our discussion had distracted and hypnotized him so that I had done the procedure without using any anesthetic. I explained it was because I was hypnotized also by our emotional discussion and was in a trance state unrelated to the mechanical aspects of the surgery except for the need to remove his benign tumor.

That impressed me as have many other examples of the power of words and hypnosis. One of our children did a painting at grade school which impressed me, but not his teacher, when he brought it home. He filled the canvas with WORDSWORDSWORDS which became SWORDSWORDSWORDS. I have mentioned how you can kill or cure with words or swords. I feel that due to a past life experience I became a surgeon because I, as a knight without faith in his Lord, was told to kill with a sword when I questioned his judgment. I have learned that had I had faith in my Lord I would have been given a choice of other solutions by my Lord to resolve his issues and conflicts.


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