January 7, 2019

Holistic therapy is where my passion resides.

I feel grateful to be able to work with people in such a way to provide relief and understanding in their lives. My aim is to help empower, encourage, guide and teach people how to connect with themselves, returning to a state of harmony and create an understanding of our motives and behaviour through allowing ourselves to work through whatever may be creating an illusion of limitation in our lives, therefore bringing in a sense of clarity connection and peace.

By allowing healing to enter your life, it gives you the space to come back to the true you, to connect to the truth of who you are as an expansive creative being Learning how to create the life you desire with joy, grace and ease. I love connecting with people and being able to teach them the tools that I have learned throughout my life. I truly believe in living the best life we can and only wish to encourage and teach people just how to acquire this for themselves.

Here’s a little write up I created about ThetaHealing®:

The Theta Healing technique is a fantastic modality to help you shift through and clear any limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, behaviour patterns, phobias, fears or trauma that may be inhibiting you’re life, allowing you to return to a state of harmony within your mind, body and soul. Theta Healing is based upon the theta brain wave, where meditation occurs Once in this state within a safe environment, we are able to access the subconscious mind where our beliefs, phobias, motives and trauma etc are kept. This allows us to review where this belief has come from in order for it to be released and replaced with something that is more in alignment for you, a positive belief. It changes the way you choose to engage with your life, with yourself, with situations and the people around you. You may find things that once have triggered you are no longer of importance and have become obsolete. Theta Healing encourages well-being in all aspects of our lives, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a really effective therapy to dive in deep and clear away what no longer serves or is no longer in alignment with you and you’re life. I have found it to be a profound technique that I was describe as an accelerated counseling session, really getting to the core issue so it may be understood and released.



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