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Epistemological Equitability: The Democratization of Truth



Editor’s Note:

When you look at healing ideologies with your third eye you see that despite libraries full of interdisciplinary disputes, healers are all on the same side. You might even say that they’re all saying the same things which differ only in syntax. Let’s agree on this: Every form of healing, no matter how unscientific it might be, no matter how far out it might sound, is exactly what some patients/clients in this moment need.

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Alex Thunell, Amy Raymond, Christina Cobb, Gloria Sanchez, Laura Casini, Maranda Russell, Melody Cleary, Michael Pontieri, Shalom Antony

Featured Author

Benjamin Eisenstein


Acupuncture and Mental-Emotional Imbalance

Justin Lee is an acupuncturist who has cured psychosomatic symptoms epidermally. Less superficially, he explains, lie deep emotional blockages, each of which is associated with certain vital organs. It’s his job to optimize the meridians flowing between them.

A Beginner’s Guide to Sophrology Healing

Leposava Todorova started practicing in order to help her community. She now helps people with issues ranging from bipolar disorder to fibromyalgia through a relaxation technique involving sitting and standing exercises, auto-massage and introspection.

Herbs and Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

Ashley Maltz is an integrative healer who despite, or maybe because of, her medical background recommends all-natural remedies in place of or in addition to synthetic medication. These are her specific suggestions for someone feeling like a dismembered chicken.

How to Cure Narcissism Psychoanalytically

Benjamin Eisenstein discusses a book by the founder of modern psychoanalysis which explains how analysts can treat “pre-Oedipal” problems by protecting the ego until patients are prepared to externalize their aggression.

How to Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Kari Halvorson is an author, practitioner and speaker. She’s here to help people navigate energetic realms in order to identify hyperdimentional beings and distinguish between those who are here to help and those who are here to harm.

How Yogic Healing Can Help At-Risk Kids

Anouk Prop is a psychologist and yogi who believes that yoga is especially helpful with children, who are increasingly in need of psychoemotional support. She outlines her approach to hyperactivity and hypoactivity.

Interesting Facts about Hypnotherapy and NLP

Brian William Smith is a clinical hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner interested in the relationship between thought, communication and behavior, which he says can unlock improvements from pain reduction to healthier habits.

Into the World of Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Gaurav Deka is a medical doctor, a psychotherapist and a regression expert. The belief in past lives is not a prerequisite for his patients. Instead, he only requires that they are ready to free themselves from past trauma and past versions of themselves.

Sound Healing: What to Expect as a Client

Sally Hutchison uses biofield tuning therapy to help patients heal physically, level out emotionally and develop spiritually. She points out that sounds have been used in sacred rituals since ancient times and have the power to restore people’s optimal resonance.



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