Issue 3

Integrative Health: Complementary vs. Alternative Therapy



Editor’s Note:

Our initiative has been going through a bit of an identity crisis and I don’t mean this in regard to our name recently changing from Healrs Network to Healers Magazine. I’m referring to our attitude toward mainstream healthcare and therein psychiatry especially. In order to explore our stance we decided to make the theme of this issue Integrative Health: Complementary vs. Alternative Therapy.

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Genevieve Esson, Greg Jaskot, Laura Junge, Ricky Kruger

Featured Artists

Alexandra Yakovleva, Anita Wexler


Allopathic Medicine vs. Alternative Healing

Bonnie McLean practices Chinese medicine. She and her colleagues condone interdisciplinary healing which she concludes makes them an integrative team. She believes that because they sometimes refer patients to medical practitioners like psychiatrists their services are complementary.

Can Modern Psychoanalysis Cure Bipolar Disorder?

Benjamin Eisenstein is our editor and a former student of psychoanalysis. When he was in grad school and even when he helped start Healers Magazine he believed that psychiatry was to be avoided at all costs. Now he thinks that things are not so black and white and has even begun psychiatric treatment himself.

Confessions of a Not-So-Terrible Person

Michelle Akin is a life coach who used to think she was no good. Thanks in large part to a 12-step program she realized that she is a product of her environment and is feeling less guilty about acting out. With the help of a supportive community she’s able to get by.

Parents Concerned about Vaccines Have Another Choice

In her article homeopathic doctor Patty Regalia endorses a form of treatment known as homoprophylaxis: the use of “green vaccines”. She explains that in addition to preventing infection this approach is known to preclude and/or treat injury caused by other vaccines.

Physiology and Indigenous Medicine

Douglas deBecker is a wellness coach who applies traditional Tibetan medicine. Apparently ancient, Asian forms of healing are underrated considering that scientists are continuously confirming their efficacy. Sowa-Rigpa in particular provides a time-tested path toward physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Substance Abuse: Moving Away from the Moral and Disease Models

Jessica Katzman is a clinical psychologist who focuses on reducing her patients’ dependencies. Here she explores the genealogy of America’s ideology when it comes to addiction. She also suggests that we should stop judging addicts/abusers and demanding abstinence.

Taking On Big Pharma

Natalia Maximets is a psych blogger. Her piece describes the dark side of psychiatry or rather the pharmaceutical companies that fuel it. She argues that such businesses put profits before people and that consuming their products is often dangerous. She also notes that psychiatrists don’t cure mental disorders.

What Is Biofield Tuning?

Sally Hutchison is a practitioner of sound healing who uses tuning forks to locate and treat disturbances in the biomagnetic field of her patients. She says that in addition to freeing oneself of energetic blockages receiving a “sonic massage” allows one to harmonize with the planet’s electromagnetic frequency.



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