Issue 2

Getting Personal: Digging Deep



Editor’s Note

The second issue of Healers Magazine was originally supposed to come out in December, a month after Issue #1 (“Beyond Binaries: Healing without Borders“). Unfortunately, after the latter was released our team of three became a team of one. On my own I could have probably handled it, getting Issue #2 out on time, if I hadn’t stumbled into my first acute episode of depression. Before I could release this issue, “Getting Personal: Digging Deep,” I had to look at my own health and through introspection I found many neglected areas.

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Anita Wexler, Jo DiFulvio, Michael Pontieri, Ricky Kruger, Shadab Khan, Susan Lerner, Tracy Haschke

Featured Author

J. Doe


Befriending Our Obstacles

Life is a labyrinth of challenges, without which humanity would glide along uneventfully. According to Bonnie McLean, our approach to so-called walls is what makes us humans.

Coming to Terms with Psychiatry

In his first entry to Healers Magazine our editor Benjamin Eisenstein explores his resistance to psychiatric care and decides to give it a shot.

“Eye of The Needle”

In Healers Magazine’s first poem, Robert Kellum encourages us to overcome our resistance and work through the painful healing process that lays ahead.

Healing Core Wounds

Akiko Momose believes that most of our wounds are over a thousand years old. To heal them now, we must identify the ancient roots of our suffering and show ourselves mercy.

How Stress Can Break Down Our Mind, Body, and Spirit

Therapist and EMDR practitioner Lesley Goth explains how stress can negatively impact our physical and spiritual well-being in addition to our mental health.

Mythological Re-Membering

Daniel Lally, who found connections between ancient mythology, astrology and tai chi in order to heal himself, offers some insights as to how you can repair yourself by re-membering disjointed parts of your self.

Moving into 5D Consciousness

What is “ascension”? According to Steve Nobel, it’s the process of personal awakening through which you embody more of your Divine light in physical form.

“Reset” [Prose]

Is there no space in which to consider the content of one’s psychosis? Open your mind and take a walk in the shoes of John Tucker, for whom magical realism is not just a rhetorical device.

Resolving Conflicts

Connie Yang explains that while there’s always the option to remove someone with whom you’re in conflict from your life, the reconciliation tactics she learned from experience are worth trying first.

Suicide Watch

J. Doe is a pseudonym for anonymous contributions to Healers Magazine. The first entry to by J. Doe is the first installation from the memoirs of a brave woman faced with bipolar depression.



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