Issue 1

Beyond Binaries: Healing without Borders



Editor’s Note:

Healers Magazine is an online journal we created in order to fulfill our mission to render holistic healing options much more accessible to the masses. The theme of our first issue is “Beyond Binaries: Healing without Borders”, alluding to our objective: to add color to a black-and-white world, the one in which most patients reside. We’re here to debunk dichotomies because the truth always lies somewhere between two poles, somewhere on a spectrum.

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Anita Wexler, Christina Cobb, Gloria Sanchez, Jo DiFulvio, Judith Cooper, Lisa Horlander, Serena Whaley

Featured Author

Laura Junge


Ancestral Healing: The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are held as energy in the spiritual planes of your energy body and directly affect your energy on a daily basis through your chakras. Heather Prince, also known as The Rootmaster, explains how one can clear their records to begin their healing process.

Deceiving People into Health

Dr. Bernie Siegel takes on a radical approach to healing others: lie to them. Read fascinating anecdotes of how he’s helped trick patients into wellness over the past 40 years, and his take on how practitioners must think outside of the box to reach their patients with humanity and compassion.

The Gift of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common forms of mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States. Portland therapist, David Hayden, explains that we can use anxiety to teach us something about ourselves rather than viewing it as a curse.

How Stress Can Break Down Our Mind, Body, and Spirit

Stress has much more adverse effects on our mind and brain than we realize. Therapist and EMDR practitioner Lesley Goth describes how this common ailment can impact our well-being, and shows us what we can do to turn it around and start living better.

Living in a World of Possibility: Emotional Freedom Techniques

How can we go within to reach our full potential? Lina Landess explains how EFT, also known as Tapping, has the power to neutralize the negative effects of our traumas and help us heal from unresolved memories and experiences.

Relocation Therapy: India

Earlier this year, Tom was working as a case manager at an NGO addressing homelessness. Then, he left NYC for the first time in over 40 years. Making a case for a new form of healing, he recounts how the experience affected him for the better.

What Is Harm Reduction?

Clinical Psychologist and Harm Reduction practitioner Jessica Katzman writes about managing addiction that is grounded in scientific research, human rights, compassion, and common sense. Learn how therapists are working with patients rather than against them.

The Year I Vacationed in Hell

Here Laura Junge recounts her journey through the most hellish year of her life in which she endured intense physical pain and anxiety that appeared suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. Luckily she learned that her mind is much more powerful than she could have ever imagined.



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