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March 13, 2019

A painting of someone with the words "I feel like I am discovering myself everyday."

Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing (IPEC) is a holistic treatment approach that offers relief and elimination of a wide range of physical and psychological problems by discovering inner causes for outer symptoms, working with your body’s energy system.

This approach is based on the holistic view that your body and mind are inseparable parts of who you are. What does it mean when it comes to health and wellness? Physical problems can cause the development of psychological issues and stress which, in turn, can lead to the development of physical illness, a vicious cycle.

IPEC therapy helps to heal a range of physical and emotional illnesses, including allergies, without medication. It is is safe for everyone including pregnant women and children.

A painting of someone with the words "I feel like I am discovering myself everyday."

“Affirmations” by Julia Hodgson

Case Study

Ligaments can recover from accidents that strain and damage them. We’ve been using IPEC therapy effectively to assist in healing torn wrist ligaments. Having an accurate assessment of the damaged ligament and applying the appropriate treatment modality can speed up the pace of healing with the goal of going back to full function.

A 22-year-old woman injured both of her wrists when she was eleven years old. She lost her balance and accidentally fell off of an elevated porch. Instinctively, she protected herself from the impact with the ground underneath by extending her arms forward. When she hit the ground, her bones broke and her ligaments were deeply torn.

After spending two months in a cast, both bones in her wrists recovered. However, her ligaments had not completely healed. Years later, movement in her wrists were limited and causing her pain.

She turned to IPEC therapy where she used biofeedback of the muscular system (BMS), to assess that there was an inherent weakness embedded in her wrists that did not allow her to completely heal; she had emotional trauma from her accident that she did not clear. When she moved her wrists past the point of comfort, a response similar to stress and PTSD was triggered.

With IPEC she was able to open up about her fear of losing control while falling. She was able to work through the different stages of her injury: the pain of impact when hitting the ground, the painful transition of her parents taking her to the emergency room, the X-ray machines, the cast application on her hands, and the prolonged days of sharp pain that came with the long-term healing process.

These processes, combined with energy therapy, gradually reduced her wrists pain. And as time went on, the pain went away allowing her wrists to regain full function and movement.


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